WOW (Women of Worth)

WOW Launches New Program for 2018

For our 11th year of WOW, we are embarking on a new journey. Each month, we will introduce a focus to help build our relationships with Jesus and each other. Some months, we will have an actual get-together event, while other months, we will have a focus for you to work on at your leisure.

Our kick-off meeting will be held Saturday, January 20. We will gather for breakfast at 9 a.m. and follow that with a work session to make a JOY book. We hope to be finished by 11 a.m. Here is your invitation:

Each month. we will have a new item for you to print out and add to your JOY Book!

We have also started a private Facebook group, so please ask to be added to the Women’s Ministry (WOW) of Science Hill Community Church. Here we can share how we are doing on our monthly journey, favorite scriptures, prayer requests, or whatever the Lord puts on our hearts.  Please help get the word out to any ladies who might want to join us in our journey!

WOW (Women of Worth) plans activities for the women of Science Hill Community Church and our surrounding area to explore their relationship with God and with one another. Our goal is to create experiences where women can meet other ladies, share ideas, and enjoy the opportunity to learn about Jesus and practice what He taught. All women are welcome to our events.  Let’s walk the journey of faith together!

Retreat 2008 – Treasures of the Heart
Fall gathering 2008 – Walborn Reservoir
Retreat 2009 – Better Get to Livin’
Summer gathering 2009 – Butterfly Farm
Winter gathering 2009 – Movie Night
Retreat 2010 – Celebrating Our God Colors
Summer gathering 2010 – Go Quackers with WOW
Fall gathering 2010 – Spa Night
Retreat 2011 – Peace
Summer 2011 – Picnic and Program at the Nature Center
Fall 2011 – Our first-ever Bus Trip
Christmas 2011 – Make-It/Take-It Night
Retreat 2012 – Set Sail for Serving
Summer 2012 – Simply Summer
Christmas 2012 – The Carols of Christmas
Retreat 2013 –  Let’s Pray…Personally…Passionately…Powerfully
Retreat 2015 –  For Such A Time as This
Retreat 2016 Get Your Game On!


WOW Committee: Charlene Boyce, Tami Carper, Cindy Casto, Marsha Graham,
Theresa Marks,  Dennie Kohler, Shalleen Mayes, Blanche Moore, Connie Poto,
Marilyn Preas, Lori Reay (Chairperson), Holly Swegheimer, Susan Thomas,
and Debbie Truax.

Seek Him Continually – Serve Him Faithfully – Share Him Boldly

Science Hill Community Church – 330-823-3439
WOW Chair – Lori Reay – 330-823-6485